Best performances of Varun Dhawan from IIFA

Varun Dhawan has set the stage of IIFA on fire a few times with his electric moves and we’d like to share some of our most favourite ones with you! 

1. Debut Performance - IIFA 2017

This fun and energetic tribute to Govinda along with some of his iconic songs, Varun Dhawan surely knew how to make an impact with his debut performance at IIFA

2. Judwaa Shenanigans with Salman Khan - IIFA 2017

The judwaa duo brought the stage down with this unprecedented performance and legendary moves that lives in our minds rent free!

3. Dhamakedar Act in Bangkok - IIFA 2018

With the right amount of charm, energy and magnetic moves Varun showed us that he can mermerize us all and make his way swifty into our hearts